Digital Water Meters

The District has begun a project to replace all existing water meters with digital meters over a period of 2-3 years. The operator (EDP) began installing Badger Meter digital meters in 2022 with plans to generally replace the oldest meters first. EDP will notify each customer before their meter is replaced and leave a notice on the homeowner’s door when work is completed.

Digital meters allow customers to view and manage their water usage within hours by providing water consumption data in hourly intervals. The meters promote customer awareness of leaks and water consumption and allow active engagement in water conservation and leak prevention efforts. The meters have the ability to create alerts for potential leaks with no need to wait for notification from the utility or a high water bill to take action.

Customer consumption data will be accessible through Badger Meter’s EyeOnWater web portal and smartphone app. The app allows the customer to connect to their water utility account and see their latest water usage, detect leaks, and easily contact EDP.

Instructions to set up an EyeOnWater account can be found on the door hanger left after installation or or by calling EDP at 832-467-1599.